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The Accelerator

American Life & Security Corp.'s "Accelerator" life insurance product is being offered to combine life insurance benefits with cash value and extra credits. With this policy, you will begin to accumulate money for your use in the first year and will continue to accumulate for the life of the policy. Furthermore, after 20 years, you are required to pay NO additional premiums to maintain your coverage, but your values continue to grow.*

What will the "Accelerator" contract do?

Provide financial security and cash growth for you…
and added life insurance protection for your family.

As you live you will:

  1. a) Build spendable cash through growth in cash value PLUS accumulated extra credits.
  2. b) Create a cash estate that will help provide future funds for retirement, education, or emergency needs.
  3. c) Earn interest on your extra credits

In the event of death:

  1. Your beneficiaries will receive the face amount of your Life Insurance Contract, plus the accumulated excess credits.**

In the event of unexpected difficulties, you may:

  1. a) Borrow cash from your life insurance contract and your extra credits.
  2. b) Surrender your contract for the accumulated cash value.

* Assumes extra credits applied to premium

The benefits described above are subject to the terms and conditions set forth in the contract.

** If extra credits left on deposit.